About Us

Advanced Vein Clinics is a medical practice committed to the non-surgical treatment of vein disease and related disorders. As one of the first physicians in the area to offer Endovenous Laser for the treatment of Varicose Veins, Dr. Tolitano has successfully treated thousands of patients with state-of-the art procedures.

“As the founder of Advanced Vein Clinics I have been in a fortunate position to watch this exciting field of medicine evolve over the past decade.” Dr Tolitano said. “While our practice has grown over the years, our core mission has remained the same, which is to provide superior and innovative clinical care while striving to exceed the expectations of our patients.” Dr. Tolitano goes on to say, “Come see why thousands of patients in the city and suburbs have made Advanced Vein Clinics their number one choice for the treatment of chronic vein disease.”

Since 2001 our mission has been to provide superior and innovative clinical care while striving to exceed the expectations of our patients. Our sole focus continues to be using our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and treatment techniques to help your legs feel and look better while making every patient comfortable and pain-free. Having performed over 6,000 laser procedures and over 6,000 cardiovascular thoracic cases, Advanced Vein Clinics is one of the leading vein centers in the world.

We tailor all of our treatments to meet the specific needs of every patient. As a result we can proudly boast that our patients have achieved higher success rates, had fewer complications and significantly lowered expectations of re-occurring problems.

Dealing with chronic vein disease had been a painful and difficult experience for many of our patients prior to seeking help from Advanced Vein Clinics. However, the short road to recovery for each of them began with the same steps you are taking right now by becoming educated and well informed.

Why Choose Us

  • The latest technology in Vein Care
  • On-site diagnostic ultrasound
  • Nationally Recognized & Board Certified
  • We accept Medicare and most insurance.
  • Fluent in Spanish and Polish.
  • Knowledgeable, friendly and supportive staff.