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They were great!

I want to take the time out to say that I have had a great patient experience with Advanced Vein Clinics.
I actually came to this clinic after consulting and meeting with other vein specialists and chose this clinic due to the level of comfort and confidence that I felt after receiving my initial consult. I finally felt at ease and ready to start treatment on my legs. Dr. Tolitano took the time to explain the procedures that I would receive and what was to be expected after treatments. I felt that I had a great understanding and without question. This put me at ease as I was nervous about having procedures. His staff was also very thorough. Whenever I had any question regardless of who I spoke with (nurses, ultrasound tech, to the front desk staff) everyone had thorough knowledge and an answer to all of my questions.

In comparison to other clinics I will say that he brought about the most amount of comfort that can be used during treatment and I was monitored thoroughly afterward to make sure I was feeling well which included follow up phone calls to check my status one day after each procedure.

I will definitely say this: when I walked in this office, I was in horrible pain as I had varicose veins in both legs and they were very bad. I’m amazed that after four procedures less than 2 months, my family is complimenting how much better my legs look! I do not have the pain that I had, and I am still in the healing process. What a difference. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone in need of vein treatment. They were great!

Gina Vasquez Chicago , IL June 4, 2018

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The staff was great and caring.

Dr. Tolitano is the best, most knowledgeable surgeon I’ve ever met. The staff was great and caring.

After my procedure I was able to get back to my normal activities immediately.

I highly recommend Advanced Vein Clinics. I recommended this procedure to my daughter, who had a successful treatment by Dr. Tolitano.

Lucretia L. Guzzo Chicago , IL June 4, 2018

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Crystal and her assistants performed a spectacular job!

My sclerotherapy was very successfully completed by the knowledgable Crystal and her assistants.

Crystal was extremely detail oriented and methodical in her approach to removing the unsightly veins. She was very diligent and her bedside manner was awesome. She explained every detail before starting and made me feel very comfortable during the procedures.

Crystal and her assistants performed a spectacular job!!!

Maria Bourne Chicago , IL June 4, 2018

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The follow-ups were very impressive. I like that I was able …

My vein treatment was done in a professional and timely manner. The staff was very caring and responsive to my needs. I was able to get back to work the next day.

The follow-ups were very impressive. I like that I was able to view the ultrasounds.

I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone with vein problems.

Mary O. LeFeure Chicago , IL June 4, 2018

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My treatment was wonderful and worry free.

I am glad I chose this procedure. I was back at work after only 2 hours.

Dr. Tolitano did a great job and the staff was superb. The atmosphere was pleasant and all the employees were very professional. Everyone made me feel like I was at home.

I have already recommended Advanced Vein Clinics to friends and family. My treatment was wonderful and worry free.

Julio S. Martinez Chicago , IL June 4, 2018

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I would definitely recommend Dr. Tolitano to others.

I felt fine after my procedure and was back to doing my normal activities the next day.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Tolitano to others.

Elizabeth Isbell Chicago , IL June 4, 2018

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I look forward to many years ahead under Crystal’s care.

I just left Nuovo Aesthetics & SmartLipo of Chicago where Crystal Spaeth, RN performed Juvederm and Botox filler on my face. What a fantastic artistic hand she has. The result is wonderful.

We had many conversations prior to the procedure. We talked in detail about what I want and why and then I asked her opinion and why. Because I have had schlerotherapy by Crystal, I trusted her dexterity completely. She’s experienced, young and fresh. She’s beautiful and talented and has the eye one needs to do this type of procedure.

She took her time and checked in with me throughout. She called me several times to check on my comfort level prior to committing to the procedure. Her after care is excellent as well.

They have 2 locations in Chicagoland. I’ve been to both – South Loop and Wood Dale. They are very professional. You will notice this when you call. You will always get a professional with a sunny disposition answering each call.

I look forward to many years ahead under Crystal’s care.

Sandra Wellington Chicago , IL June 4, 2018

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If you live out of state it would be worth the …

I was referred to Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon Dr. Dominic Tolitano by my Plastic Surgeon for possible treatment of varicose veins on the back of my hands and forearms.

Many of my family members have inherited bulging varicose veins all over our bodies. Arms, hands, legs, face, etc. Very very unsightly.

Most doctors do not want to treat varicose veins on the hands and/or forearms either because they either don’t know how and/or have little knowledge about the condition. It was very difficult to find even a referral for this condition. I am so fortunate to have found Dr. Tolitano and his EXPERT Nurse Crystal.

I’ve had two treatments on both hands and both forearms. The first was with Dr. Tolitano and Crystal both involved equally in the procedure. Crystal then performed my second procedure. The procedure was fairly quick and I experienced zero pain. I am so so pleased with the result. Though I am not 100% vein free, it is a 90% improvement. I may have to have another treatment in the years ahead but am so happy with the result right now.

In the past years, I would not go out in summer with short sleeves because the veins in my hands and arms were so unsightly they were disfiguring. I now look forward to summertime.

Please, before even thinking about going to anyone else, have a consultation with Crystal. In addition, the cost was minuscule compared to any other usual sclerotherapy type treatments for legs. I made the mistake of going to a dermatologist for very expensive and very painful laser treatment before finding Dr. Tolitano and Crystal. Laser treatment does NOT work on varicose veins of the hands and arms. So do not even waste your time and money on this procedure.

If you live out of state it would be worth the transportation cost to come to the Chicago area for these two experts.

Anon Chicago , IL June 4, 2018

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I highly recommend this surgeon and his staff!

Dr. Tolitano was the best! I was very sceptical when I first went in, but he explained the procedure in a way that I understood and eased my anxiety. He was also very pleasant while answering my mundane questions. When I entered the surgery room, his staff backed him up on making me feel comfortable and "right at home." They were warm,fun and made it a very pleasant environment. The procedure was very fast and pain-free....(not even needing Ibprofin)....He has a very well-oiled machine going on there! 1

dawn reese hobart , IN June 4, 2018

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I love Dr. Tolitano and the advanced Vein Clinic in Wood …

I was referred to Dr Tolitano by Dr Pantano. Dr. Tolitano is the absolute best surgeon! My legs were really bad. They were very swollen and painful. I also was going to a wound care clinic because I had ulcerated sores on my left leg. I was hesitant at first. Dr. Tolitano showed me how bad my veins were. He also told me how many surgical procedures I would need and how they were done. Dr. Tolitano and his staff are very knowledgeable and nice. I have told all my family, friends and coworkers about Dr. Tolitano. I highly recommend Dr. Tolitano to everyone! I have no more pain or swelling. Thank you Lori for not letting me cancel my appointment! Thank you Dr Pantano for recommending such an awesome surgeon Dr. Tolitano and his staff!

Kathleen Arnold Franklin Park , IL June 4, 2018

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