Groin Dissection

While Laser Vein Removal (EVLT) for varicose veins has revolutionized treatment of Chronic Venous Insufficiency, a small percentage of varicose veins are too large and swollen to be closed by laser vein therapy. In addition, some veins are so large that they reopen after laser closure. Rather than continue laser treatments in these cases, Dr. Tolitano Dr. Dominic J. Tolitano has developed the Groin Dissection with Ligation & Division of the Greater Saphenous Vein – a varicose vein removal treatment with a 100% success rate that’s covered by most insurance. Dr. Tolitano removes a segment of the malfunctioning vein. This removes the vein from the system with no chance of re-opening.

“We’ve done 50 Groin Dissections and 100% of those veins have stayed closed. They’re not going to re-open. I guarantee it,” said Dr. Tolitano.

With over 6,000 open heart surgeries, 6,000 vein procedures and 25 years of experience with the Greater Saphenous Vein, Dr. Tolitano is one of a select few vein specialists in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana areas qualified to do this procedure.

Dr. Tolitano says, “By doing the procedure here at Advanced Vein Clinics, we can make the treatment less expensive by eliminating the need for a hospital stay. Patients come in, get treated and are back to their normal activities in the next few days.”
*Individual results may vary.

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